About us

Adam G Goodwin and Jonathan Parkyn are comedy writers, but the pair are perhaps better known for inventing a cold fusion method of extracting pollen from bees. “It’s kind of like a tiny syringe, but electric,” says Adam. “No it isn’t,” says Jonathan quietly to himself. Jonathan stands and walks slowly over to the French windows, staring into the mid-distance. A small tear is forming in his eye. Adam, silently rebuking himself, walks over and tentatively places a comforting hand on his colleague’s shoulder. “There, there, Jonny – sleep now, sweet prince,” Adam whispers and begins to hum a soothing song from his childhood about raisins and peaches and butterflies and jam.

Adam and Jonathan

‘Little Bit Wrong’ is designed as a way for Adam and Jonathan to showcase their ability to find ways of distracting themselves when they should be doing proper work.

They write comedy for TV, radio and other things. Adam and Jonathan are represented by Frances Arnold at Rochelle Stevens & Co. Links to their CVs are below.

Adam’s CV

Jonathan’s CV